Fes-Beautiful and historic tannery city | Morocco

Karaouine Mosque and University happens to be the world’s oldest university and we ended up being mesmerized when we saw the door there. As beautiful as the door was though, we found the views of Madrasa Bou Inania from the minaret of the Chrabilyine Mosque even more

The peac of Atlas | Morocco

After four hours of hiking, we finally reached an area that offered us breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. Not everyone in our group made it to this point, as the air was getting thin, and some people were having difficulty breathing.

Tangier, the gateway of Morocco

What makes Tangier so special and where does its charm come from ? There are several answers to these questions, one of which is its rich history. The city represents blend of cultures, a mixture of tradition and modernity, and stands for European gateaway to Africa and vice versa.